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A Facebook post that Town Administrator Nik Coates said was initiated by Joshua Adjutant called upon residents to attend the selectmen’s meeting on Oct. 19 to “voice their concerns, and discuss possible resolutions to the re-occurring problem.” Because two of the selectmen will not be able to attend the regularly scheduled meeting on the 19th, selectmen had previously decided to meet instead on Oct. 26. Coates said he and the selectmen have no role in police investigations. The explosions took place around 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 7 and caused people from as far away as Lincoln and Monroe to report feeling the shock. Unconfirmed reports say the partygoers were shooting off fireworks and decided to detonate Tannerite, a compound used in target practice. A brand-name product, Tannerite is a mixture of two powders that are shipped in separate containers and therefore are not subject to the legal restrictions that apply to other explosives. Even when combined, they are stable and cannot be exploded by a hammer blow, being dropped, or from a low-velocity bullet. Available at most gun shops, Tannerite typically is used in small quantities to create a puff of smoke to indicate that a target has been hit.

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acupuncture and back pain Bristol

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