Exploring Effortless Acupuncture And Menopause Bristol Methods


Whether you’re a skeptic or a true believer in the efficacy of acupuncture, a new study about the ancient practice is worth considering. Researchers described a mechanism that could theoretically result in pain relief from inserting needles into a willing patient’s skin, provided that a specific technique is used (which is to say, not just any so-called acupuncturist can pull it off). As a matter of full disclosure, I’m skeptical that acupuncture provides anything but a reliable placebo effect. Until now I’ve yet to see credible evidence that something else is happening when the needles go in, aside from conjuring a potent dose of power of suggestion that the pain will subside. acupuncture for carpal tunnelThe fact that the practice is so ancient adds to the effect. Having said that, the approach these researchers took is intriguing because it relied on a device developed for the purpose, which measures more precisely what’s going on at the skin level around the needle sites (a.k.a. acupoints). What the research team claims to have found is a significant increase in nitric oxide, which increases blood flow and could result in an analgesic effect. That explains the warmth people say they feel as the needles are inserted, and potentially some level of pain relief. "Our lab has developed a painless, non-invasive biocapture device that can sample human biomolecules over specific skin regions," said Sheng-Xing Ma, M.D., Ph.D., the study’s lead researcher, in a press statement.

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The purpose is to foster economic development, Brown said. They recommended a five-year incremental TIF reducing the first year just over $60,000, then $50,000 the second, down to $20,000 the fifth year, Brown said. The total reduction of $115,880 would also see $173,850 in new taxes paid over that period, he said. The Bristol, Rhode Island, company pays approximately $85,000 in annual taxes as Masslen LLC. The expansion would add eight to 10 jobs, King said. The TIF panel included Brown, Marc Dionne of the Board of Assessors, Larry Guay of the Finance Committee and Tim Turner of the Planning Board and town health agent. The TIF would be placed on the upcoming special Town Meeting warrant for voter approval and must receive endorsement by the Economic Assistance Coordinating Council under the Massachusetts Office of Business Development. The Board of Selectmen, acting as the Board of Health, also recommended a variance be allowed to enable Bristol Marine not to install costly floor drains aimed at preventing gas and oil escaping from the building. The state plumbing code says such floor drains need to be installed for “self-propelled road vehicles, commonly wheeled, that include cars, buses and trucks.” It can impact the pitch of the floor. Bristol Marine met with the town plumbing inspector and Turner, who set up the hearing with selectmen.

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