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2-year-old Florida girl fights Stage 4 cancer in Baltimore 2-year-old Florida girl fights Stage 4 cancer in Baltimore WEBVTT PROCESS, ONE STEP AT A TIME.LACEE: IT DOESN'T GET MUCH CUTERTHAN THIS.ZEA FROM MIAMI, FLORIDA.WHEN YOU SEE HER SMILE, YOUCAN'T HELP BUT TO SMILE TOO, BUTFOR THIS LITTLE GIRL, LIFE'SBEEN A CHALLENGE FROM THE START.>> I HAD NEVER HEARD OF THE WORDNEUROBLASTOMA BEFORE.LACEE: ZEA WAS BORN PERFECTLYHEALTHY.THREE MONTHS LATER, HER MOMHEATHER SAYS ZEA WAS SWEATING ATNIGHT AND HAD A FEVER OF 106.THE DIAGNOSIS, STAGE FOURCANCER, AND A TUMOR ON HERSPINE.>> AFTER HER SURGERY SHE DIDLOSE ALL MOVEMENT IN HER LEGS SOWE WERE PREPARED THAT SHE WOULDMOST LIKELY BE PARALYZED FROMTHE CHEST DOWN.LACEE: AND SHE WAS.BUT, WITH SOME AT-HOME MASSAGE,REFLEXOLOGY, ACUPUNCTURE, ANDNOW PHYSICAL THERAPY, IT'S HARDTO TELL THESE LITTLE LEGS WEREEVER LIMP.>> LITTLE BY LITTLE, HER TOESSTARTED TO MOVE.LACEE: AND THISIS WHY ZEA'S FAMILY DECIDED TOBRING HER TO BALTIMORE.>> SHE WAS WORKING A LOT ONCRAWLING AND SHE CAN MOVE AROUNDEFFICIENTLY.WE WERE TRYING TO GET HERCOMFORTABLE WITH WALKING ANDSTANDING UP.LACEE: THIS IS ZEA'S THIRD STOPTHIS YEAR AT KENNEDY KRIEGER.JANUARY, MAY, AND NOW OCTOBER.SHE COMES EVERY 4 MONTHS FOR 2WEEKS.AND HER P.T. ISN'T EASY.SHE'S ON THE TREADMILL FOR ABOUT30 MINUTES.THEN SHE WALKS WITH HER WALKER.AND FINISHES OFF A LONG DAY WITHAQUATIC THERAPY.>> WE CAN USE THE BODYWEIGHTSUPPORT OF THE WATER SO HER LEGSAND HER TRUNK ARE OFF-WEIGHTEDFROM THE BUOYANCY OF THE WATER.LACEE: WHEN ZEA LEAVESBALTIMORE, SHE HEADS TO NEW YORKFOR A FOLLOW UP ON HER CHEMO.AND WHILE THIS LITTLE FIGHTERISN'T RUNNING, YET, SHE'S COME ALONG WAY IN A YEAR, SOPOSSIBILITIES FOR HER FUTURE, 2-year-old Florida girl fights Stage 4 cancer in Baltimore The unthinkable became reality for one Florida family when they found out their daughter was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer just months after birth. Three months after Zea Lane was born, her mother, Heather, said she was sweating in the middle of the night and had a fever of 106 degrees. acupuncture pricesZea was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, called neuroblastoma, and a tumor on her spine. "I had never even heard of the word neuroblastoma before," said Lane. "After her surgery, she did lose all movement in her legs, so we were prepared that she would most likely be paralyzed from chest down." Though Zea was paralyzed from the waist down, she is regaining movement in her legs with some at-home massages, reflexology, acupuncture and now physical therapy. Zea has taken three trips to the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore to help with her recovery. She comes every four months for two weeks. "She was initially working a lot on crawling and she can move around really efficiently with crawling. So it was really motivating her to be comfortable walking and to be standing up and not being afraid to fall," said Paige Bourne, a physical therapist at Kennedy Krieger. acupuncture for thyroidHer physical therapy isn’t easy.

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